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NCIS is an offshoot of JAG, and, like its predecessor, it takes a military angle on the standard legal/crime procedural drama: The units purpose is to investigate crimes involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Mark Harmon plays Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the man in charge of on-the-ground operations. Gibbs is a serious guy whose impatience with bureaucracy makes you wonder why he chose a career in the military, but whose experience and intensity keep the rest of the team on track. His two main investigators, Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), riff with each other constantly, including some sexual banter. Several other characters round out the show, most notably Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), whose gothic style and relentlessly chipper attitude make her an unusual forensic expert. Her geeky personality and propensity for Big Gulp sodas add to her cult appeal.

action Crime Comedy

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Season 14
S14 Episode 24: Rendezvous 2017-05-17 11:19:27
S14 Episode 23: Something Blue2017-05-10 13:16:14
S14 Episode 22: Beastmaster 2017-05-04 14:20:42
S14 Episode 21: One Book, Two Covers2017-04-20 13:37:40
S14 Episode 20: A Bowl of Cherries2017-04-05 12:20:20
S14 Episode 19: The Wall2017-03-29 09:37:22
S14 Episode 18: M.I.A.2017-03-15 15:04:01
S14 Episode 17: What Lies Above2017-03-08 12:03:51
S14 Episode 16: A Many Splendored Thing2017-02-22 11:30:28
S14 Episode 15: Pandora's Box2017-02-15 12:06:31
S14 Episode 14: Nonstop2017-02-08 12:13:27
S14 Episode 13: Keep Going2017-01-27 12:03:42
S14 Episode 12: Off the Grid2017-01-18 13:07:24
S14 Episode 11: Willoughby2017-01-04 13:12:26
S14 Episode 10: The Tie That Binds2016-12-14 12:12:47
S14 Episode 9: Pay to Play2016-12-07 12:21:29
S14 Episode 8: Enemy Combatant2016-11-23 21:17:51
S14 Episode 7: Home of the Brave2016-11-16 12:07:37
S14 Episode 5: Philly2016-10-19 22:31:22
S14 Episode 4: Love Boat2016-10-13 23:43:25
S14 Episode 3: Privileged Information2016-10-05 19:27:52
S14 Episode 2: Being Bad2016-09-28 22:11:47
S14 Episode 1: Rogue2016-09-21 20:20:23
Season 13
S13 Episode 24: Family First2016-05-18 03:05:57
S13 Episode 23: Dead Letter2016-05-11 06:40:11
S13 Episode 22: Homefront2016-05-04 06:45:09
S13 Episode 21: Return to Sender2016-04-20 04:12:30
S13 Episode 20: Charade2016-04-06 09:02:59
Season 8
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